Education & Training

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Use Quad City Game Show to help meet your performance objectives!

Education/Training: This type of show is intended to reinforce learning in participants. It is a fact that people learn and retain more when they are having fun and our game show is an excellent way to add some fun and excitement. We can help you to customize questions to your objectives. This is an excellent way to end training sessions and workshops.


Our game show leads itself to team pride. In a teambuilding show, our game show staff will use many methods to separate your group into teams. This show is designed to get people out of their normal “comfort zones” and begin to learn how to work with others to achieve a common goal. Also, we can divide the group into their normal departments if desired and have them face off. Through team play, your employees will learn to depend upon each other and work together in order to win. Involve some prizes as incentives and really see this work for you. During our teambuilding shows your entertainers will make use of a lot of “physical challenge” type events in order to add to the team’s score. Cooperation will be essential amongst the team in order to achieve the desired outcome. Camaraderie will be built amongst the team members. We can develop and hold short hour long teambuilding events or take your staff on a day long teambuilding outing. All throughout, your staff will be developing deeper connections with one another and most importantly….having fun! This type of cooperation and learning is the most difficult to achieve and the outcomes can be priceless for your company or group.


Training shows are the most focused and custom type of shows that Quad City Game Show offers. These shows are custom designed around your objectives. The questions are customized to hit home the points that you want to get across to your group. The outcomes and knowledge are emphasized while the environment is kept fun and amusing. Training shows can be used at the end of normal training sessions or seminars to reinforce materials. They also can be used by schools for ACT or SAT review (or even spelling bees). Our staff will work with you to develop a unique show to your specific specifications and objectives. You will be amazed by how much information people will both absorb and retain from this type of learning and reinforcement. Our staff also will build in teambuilding components to most of our training shows. Quad City Game Show is an effective way to train your employees in order to achieve maximum performance.